Technical Info

Some of my favorite tools include:

Who I Work With

I am pleased to work with a great variety of people--athletes, octogenarians, children, desk jockeys, doctors, people who physically labor.... I specialize in working with the following groups:

Conditions I Work With

I specialize in helping people with:

I have also worked extensively with:

And I will gladly refer you to other specialists in our area if I know anyone who is a better fit for what is going on with you.


I received my Massage Therapy Certificate from New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts in January, 2015. Since the beginning, my training, study, passion, and practice have been focused on technical bodywork methods aimed at efficacy in pain relief and mobility, teaching the basic frameworks of bodywork and self-care to clients, and translating the various languages of bodywork's many effective arts to both plain English and to a technical understanding.