“Pinpoint accuracy.”

“My pain stopped.”

“Very professional, very caring.”

“Probably best deep tissue work ever!”

"Very unique combination of stretching with massage... yoga-like.”

“Stretches were great.... The blocking seemed to make a big difference.”

“The stretching was wonderful – beneficial in what I needed.”

“Awesome massage! Sarah applied pressure to points that took away my pain.”

“In all my years here I feel that this was the best and most effective massage. I am amazed....”

“Very attuned to what was needed – remarkable.”

“Wow! Sarah addressed everything we talked about and her fluidity was incredible. She hit pressure points I needed and didn't miss anything. She used few words yet communicated better than anyone ever has. I've never cried after a session before. This was the best session I've ever had, anywhere.”

“The pace and pressure were very good especially after my surgery in January. Thanks for a relaxing session!”

“Intuitive and focused.... Very professional and knowledgeable.”

“Such a wonderful combination of gentle and strong/deep.”

“ very effective. Excellent awareness of muculoskeletal structure!”

“Very comfortable to work with.”

“I feel great... very helpful feedback!”

“I slept like a baby! It felt so relaxing and good!”

“I felt like I was on a double-dose of muscle relaxers.”

“I felt great all night and today, too! No Achilles pain while walking.”

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